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Helen Butler: Air Fryer Cookbook

Simple and fantastic guide to delicious air frying recipes

Did you just receive or bought an air fryer? Are you looking for new, exciting recipes that will make everybody crazy? If so, then this book is a must read for you!

The AirFryer uses Rapid Air Technology(hot air) to cook the kind of meals that you like with 1 major difference – little oil is required.
By circulating air and heating it up, foods like onion rings, potato chips, chicken, fish or pastries, your Air fryer is able to cook them off nicely with way less fat – which means, way less calories in every meal!

Your air fryer can make a brownish and crispy finish – and cut the calories – in almost everything from chicken to pastries.
If you have a sweet tooth – don’t worry – you can easily make desserts with your air fryer!

In this book you’ll find…

Sides & Appetizers recipes such as
Crispy Potato Skin Wedges.
Baked Meat Balls.
French Fries.
French Toast Sticks.
And more!
Main Course such as
Chimichurri Skirt Steak.
Salmon With Dill Sauce.
Glazed Halibut Steak.
Cajun Shrimp.
Coconut & Turmeric Chicken.
Barbecue Drumsticks.
Chicken Wrapped In Bacon.
Fish & Chips.
And much more!
Desserts such as
Banana Walnut Bread.
Glazed Donuts.
Apple Dumplings.
Lemon Biscuits.
And much, much more!
Diversify your menu with healthy, tasty and easy recipes! Those recipes will help you lose weight, add flavor to your usual day-to-day menu and enjoy the benefits of oil-free cooking.

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